Fluxus Free Executor

#1 Best Free Executor The only free exploit that can run Fluxbreak. Powerful script execution and the key lasts for 24 hours…


Shadow Free Executer

#1 Best Free Executor This executor was made by really OP Developer his name was Spare Powered back in 2017 and it has own custom DLL made by the dev like no easysploit.dll or wrd api or axon or any of that it’s really epic!


Flame X Free Executer

OP Executor with WeAreDevs API and EasyExploits API, it has Auto-Updater and a really Sleek UI! It also has Dark/Light Theme, Monaco, and More!

ScreamSploit Free Executer

One Of Really Best And Trusted Executers That Are Free Highly Recommended Using It As Free Executer And Safe To Use!

Tiger Free Executer

OP Executor with EasyExploits API, it has Auto-Updater also it has Auto Inject And Auto Execute and alot of tabs and  It also has Noclip And Fly buttons and Much More!

Dark Fire Free Executer

Some Good Executor made in simpe with thicc animated UI and auto update and made by lil jex